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His Dark Materials Icons Community

His Dark Materials Icons
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the His Dark Materials Icon Community!

The community are based on the world created by Phillip Pullman in his His Dark Materials trilogy, and therefore, every user who wish to join the community must fulfill the rules below:

1. This community is a tribute to the His Dark Materials trilogy, and therefore, we wish that every post made by members must at least include 3 His Dark Materials icons. If no icons are made, the moderators would not approve the post.

The cast that are related to the His Dark Materials could be posted too. Eg: Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Eva Green's icons can be posted.

BUT, if they were: Nicole Kidman in the Stepford wives or Daniel Craig in the Jacket icons, they are not encouraged.

2. Every post is moderated, therefore, the Moderators will decide whether to approve the entry.

Please include at least 3 His Dark Materials trilogy icons in every post. If a post is more than 3 icons, please make an Lj cut.

3. Do not use paint to edit your pictures. Don't think we couldn't tell, because we can. We strongly recomend members to use Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

4. Members/watchers are NOT encouraged to edit the icons the other members made, unless they specified that the icon is a base.

5. Members/watchers are encouraged to Comment and Credit every icon they took as their Lj Userpic.

To credit, simply write down who made the icon on the caption when you edit your userpics.

6. All His Dark Materials pictures could be taken from the Movie, Book Art, Fan Art, Movie Stills, Behind the Scene, Scans and Screencaps.

7. The posts that involves other fandom icons is allowed, but please BOLD or emphasise the existance of the His Dark Materials icons.




To join please apply here.